Air Fried Veggies for the Win! by Kathy Hester

Air Fried Veggies for the Win!

Use your Air Fryer for the power of good and get more healthy veggies into your meals!

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Air Fried Veggies for the Win!

Do you miss crunchy or crispy foods? While I love steamed veggies, beans, and grains it's still nice to add in some crunch and texture into your meals

From perfectly caramelized corn on the cob to bread crumbs made of chickpeas I have tons of whole food plant based recipes for you!

We will make chickpea crumbles, greens chips, lime roasted corn on the cob, BBQ Cauliflower, crunchy onion rings, not-fried okra, and roasted root veggies with lots of variations.

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Kathy Hester is a best selling cookbook author who loves teaching other people how to cook plant based!

She breaks down tasks into easy to digest bites making cooking feel almost effortless. Her classes are light-hearted, and her recipes are inclusive.