Jump Into Live Video Using Your Phone! by Kathy Hester

Jump Into Live Video Using Your Phone!

Learn at your own pace & a schedule that fits your life. Watch Kathy's step by step videos to get up & running making live videos w/ your phone in no time!

The most important part of this class is to get you out there talking to your people. You want to teach and this will help you reach the people who need your help!


Why Do Live Video?

Live Video is the easiest way to make an authentic connection with your audience. Bringing them into your environment is an experience that they enjoy and crave.

Know that you should be doing video, but just don’t want to?

We all have our reasons for avoiding going live. Maybe it’s a fear of messing up, a dislike of how your bangs curl up, or even just feeling like you might not have anything to share. It’s not about being perfect, but about showcasing your personality and teaching style. I know that you can do this!

Why Take This Course?

Your people are waiting to hear what you have to say! You will practice live video assignments to get you up and running, plus you will learn tips, tricks, that will have you going live with confidence and ease.

Isn't Live Video Expensive?

You don’t need fancy equipment to get started. Got a cell phone that can do video and get on the internet? That’s all you need.

I Don't Have Time to Learn Something New

While you will have to set aside small bites of time to practice and watch the concise videos, you will find that you will be able to use your new found skills quickly.

Most of the exercises you can even be done right on your business accounts, so you will see the results even faster! And remember there's no editing to be done!

What's in the Course?

There are 19 short and detailed videos that get you started in the right direction and include homework so you can see a difference in your before and after videos.

The Course Includes these Topics

  • Why I Love Live Video - and why I think you will end up loving it too
  • Why Should You Do Live Video? - hint: it's easy and requires NO editing!
  • What You Need to Start Streaming Live Video - it's not fancy or expensive equipment
  • Be Yourself & Believe in Yourself - or how to be YOUR brand on camera
  • Improve Your Video with Lightening - even if it's just a lamp from your living room
  • Practice Makes Progress - learn to make your mistakes the smart way
  • Discover Your Filming Locations - hint - you have more in your house than you think!
  • What to Do Before Your First Live - this is a game changer
  • What to Do After You Go Live - so you can get as much reach out of your video as possible
  • I also have sections where I step you through going live on Facebook and Instagram screen by screen so nothing's a mystery!

Who Is Kathy Hester?

Kathy Hester is a blogger, recipe developer, and author of 11 cookbooks. She’s sold over 150,000 books to date and does cookbook PR on the side. 

Kathy started doing live Facebook videos a few years ago and found that it forged a strong connection with her audience. She took those skills and started doing live online cooking classes that sell 5 figures a year, in addition to working with brands on Facebook lives.

She’s an avid teacher and loves to help people learn to do what they used to be afraid of.