June Bundle by Kathy Hester

June Bundle

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Please note that your are pre-ordering the classes and they are not already taped.

What's included?

Make Your Own Tempeh 101

We will make a soy-based and a soy-free version of tempeh using store-bought tempeh culture. We will go through step by step together!

Savory Oats ('Cause Oats Are The Best!)

We'll make savory curry granola, oat potato sausage patties, thyme sausage steel cut oats, oat groat risotto, and pepperoni oat crumbles!

Tempeh 101 Live Webinar

Kathy Hester is a best selling cookbook author who loves teaching other people how to cook plant based!

She breaks down tasks into easy to digest bites making cooking feel almost effortless. Her classes are light-hearted, and her recipes are inclusive.