Kathy's Cooking Club by Kathy Hester

Kathy's Cooking Club

Monthly cook-a-longs, private group lives, online classes, and more!

Let's Get Cooking!

I have been creating easy, delicious plant based recipes for years.

Maybe you've visited my blogs Plant Based Instant Pot or Healthy Slow Cooking? Or do you have one of my vegan cookbooks?

I have options in my recipes for lots of allergies like soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.. My recipes also accommodate for dietary preferences like SOS, WFPB, and more.

Healthy & Plant Based

In Kathy's Cooking Club we find delicious ways to add more vegetables into your meals. 

Learn how to choose, prepare, and cook new-to-you vegetables, whole grains, beans, & other plant based foods.

I believe that making meals that are full of flavor is the best and easiest way to eat healthy. Plus it makes it easier to get your family onboard too.

There will always be options to make recipes oil-free and adapt for allergies.
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What is Kathy's Cooking Club?

It's a fun group of community plant based people. It even includes a private Facebook group, just for Club members in addition to the twice monthly live classes. Best of all we'll make new recipes every month and get lots of tips and tricks to make cooking easier!

What kind of recipes we will make?

You can be vegan, wfpb, sos, sofas, soy-free, gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, salt-free, nut-free, or a combination and still make Kathy's recipes. She is the queen of substitutions! Some recipes will come straight from Kathy's books, but others will be developed for the group's needs, classes, and just because ; )

I'm new to eating vegan or plant-based. Is this club for me?

It's the perfect place for you to begin. While you can get a lot of recipes from the internet, it's less of a learning curve to have a guide and built-in community.

I've been eating vegan or plant-based for years. What about me?

There's always more to learn and new recipes to experiment with. The make-up of the group will have all skill levels and Kathy welcomes input from her experienced students. You might be able to help answer a newbie's question or be part of a homemade tempeh cook-a-long. You will have a say in the online class subjects, so you can venture out of your comfort zone too.

Learn New Skills & Improve Old Ones

Wish you knew how to breakdown a winter squash? Use a knife properly? 

Plus learn about different kitchen appliances like air fryers, electric pressure cookers, slow cookers, blenders, and so much more. They're Kathy's specialty!
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We are thrilled for you to be a part of our community!

Be sure to join our private Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/191998631857684/, this is theā€¦
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Kathy Hester is a best selling cookbook author who loves teaching other people how to cook plant based!

She breaks down tasks into easy to digest bites making cooking feel almost effortless. Her classes are light-hearted, and her recipes are inclusive.