30-Minute 1-on-1 Live Video Coaching Session by Kathy Hester

30-Minute 1-on-1 Live Video Coaching Session

Let's work together to get you comfortable with telling the world about your blog, book, products, and more. You have to promote yourself to reach the people who need your help!

I can help you get over your resistance to doing live video, help you set up your cooking classes, start getting your book together, work on your newsletter, or we can brainstorm on the next steps to get the word out about your business.

Let me help you with the skills you need to promote yourself and your products!


What Should I Come Into the Session With?

Before the session I will ask you to send me any questions you have. You can also point me to past lives you want a critique of or as a starting point for getting tips and tricks to make your next ones better. 

We will have 30 minutes together, so the more detailed your questions the more we will be able to cover in that time.

Can I Just Use My Smart Phone to Teach a Class?

Yes, you sure can do live video with just your phone. You may also do it with a phone and a laptop to have 2 camera angles using an extra program. 

There's a wide variety of how you can do live video depending on your goals, budget, and needs. But it's perfect to start with your phone!

Can You Help Me Set Up Equipment?

If you want me to help you set up a program like Ecamm, a specific camera, or lighting, you will need to send me the details of the make, model, or software version you are using ahead of time.

Who Is Kathy Hester?

Kathy Hester is a blogger, recipe developer, and author of 11 cookbooks. She’s sold over 150,000 books to date and does cookbook PR on the side. 

Kathy started doing live Facebook videos a few years ago and found that it forged a strong connection with her audience. She took those skills and started doing live online cooking classes that make up a large portion of her income, in addition to working with brands on Facebook lives.

She’s an avid teacher and loves to help people learn to do what they used to be afraid of.