Let's Make Vegan Cheese! by Kathy Hester

Let's Make Vegan Cheese!

In this class we'll make a sliceable oil-free cashew or bean cheese, ricotta/cottage cheese, vegan fondue, & a pub chez.

Class can be watched immediately.

DIY Vegan Cheese

In this class we talk about the flavors that make vegan cheese that your whole family will want to eat.

While in this class we don't make any aged cheese, there may be a series of classes in the future if you let me know you want one. 

There is one recipe that will require some special ingredients, but the rest you can do with items you probably already have on hand.
Kathy Hester is a best selling cookbook author who loves teaching other people how to cook plant based!

She breaks down tasks into easy to digest bites making cooking feel almost effortless. Her classes are light-hearted, and her recipes are inclusive.